National Championships

The Copenhagen Marathon will host the National Marathon Championships 2023. The following classes will compete both individually and in teams:

Senior (born 2003 or earlier)
U23 (Year 2001-2003)

To participate you must meet the requirements

You mus be a member of a club affiliated with the Danish Athletics Federation.


You must be a Danish citizen or have had permanent residence in Denmark for at least 6 month prior to the Championships.


You must turn at least 20 years old in 2023.

The individual competition

Registering for the Championships automatically enters you in the individual senior competition and as more the U23 competition if you meet the age requirements. However, you must be a Danish citizen to win a medal in the senior competition but it is possible to win a medal in the U23 competition if you have a foreign citizenship.

Championship runners must start in their respective start groups. However, it is possible for championship runners to be seeded into our Elite A or B field if they meet the qualifying time requirements. There will be prize money for the fastest men and women in the individual competition. See prize money.


Team competition

A team consists of three runners from the same club and is defined by the results list. It is the 3 fastest from your club who are part of the first team and so forth. Your club is responsible for registrating the number of teams they want to participate with.

Foreign citizens can win medals if they meet the above requirements. However, there can be a maximum of one foreign participant on each team.

Competition terms

Time keeping

Individual: Championship placements are always determined by gun times (first across the finish line; the time starts at the starting shot).

Team: Is determined by net times (the time starts when the runner passes the starting line)

Shoe rules

Every participant in the National Championships must comply with World Athletics’ shoe rules regarding maximum stack height in order to win a medal.

List of approved shoes

Private liquid

All Championship runners have the opportunity to use private liquid if it is submitted correctly. Instructions will be sent out closer to the race.

Registering for the championships

To register for the Championships, please sign up for the Copenhagen Marathon first and afterwards log into your entry profile and there register for the Championships.

The National Championships’ registration deadline is Sunday, May 7th at 11:59 PM. Late registrations are not possible.

Participants must pick up their championship back mark and their start packet at the Copenhagen Marathon Expo prior to the race.

Registration terms in your club

Your club might have additional terms regarding registration. Your club will inform you about registration, the National Championships terms and any additional terms they might have. Therefore, please contact your club if you have any questions regarding the terms.